Keep away from moisture

    To keep your fashion jewelry from fading and tarnishing quickly, always remove it before washing hands, taking shower,and swimming. Don't leave it on your bathroom sink,and avoid contacts with perfume, lotion, hair products, and chemicals(chlorine from pools etc.).

Proper Jewelry Storage

    To maintain its quality and luster, make sure that your jewelry is stored in a closed box in a cool, dry place, away from heat and strong light. Try to separate the pieces individually to prevent scratches to gemstones and metals. You can also store your fashion jewelry in a fabric-lined case with separate compartments, or wrap pieces singly in soft tissue paper.

Clean your jewelry

    For items that are dull and rusty, simply clean it with a soft cloth on a regular basis (once a month is a good rule of thumb). It's also applied to Sterling Silver pieces, but with a soft 100% cotton or a silver polish cloth. No liquids or solutions are necessary.

Repair your jewelry

 Aggressive and repeated rubbing will remove the plating over time. If it does show signs of significant wearing, a professional jeweler in your area will be able to repair the plating or other services such as loose stone or fall out.